Amalgamation should happen

Dear Editor,

I recently read that Forestburg has discontinued the amalgamation project.

I thought that would happen. 

Since a lot of the councillors throughout the region are only on council with the attitude of “what’s in it for me”. 

In my opinion, the councillors focus on their pet projects and make sure any money spent goes to their projects, without thinking about what is good for the community. 

The spending goes on without any regard for the future of the community. 

Eventually, the community has borrowed as much as they can and can’t meet the taxpayers needs. Then they become insolvent and get absorbed by the county. 

In the next election, people should run for council seats if they believe in amalgamation and make it happen. 

To me, amalgamation would be the answer to having a sustainable community where spending from individual councils won’t put us on the road to insolvency. 

It would be better for the region as a whole. 

If people want to better their town or county they should run for council to remove the councillors that have the ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude. 

This way we can let the people decide whether to pursue amalgamation or not. 


Gerald Caron

Forestburg, Alta.

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