Always someone else causing the problems

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Dear Editor,

It is hard to be humble; however, humility is not some sort of cowed altruism. It is knowing your role and filling that role to the best of your ability.

Jealousy and hatred are powerful motivators but it isn’t only leadership that falls prey to their clutches.

When GK Chesterton gave an answer to the question, “what is wrong with the world?”, he wrote, “I am”.

It is easy to be a Good Samaritan when your hand is filled with other people’s credit cards. But that is what passes for compassion in this age.

It is always someone else who has caused and is causing all the problems. And rather than yoking ourselves to prudence and discipline, we are constantly seeking to raise up a new messiah to set things right with a turn of a friendly card.

If it is true that we still suffer due to financial cuts that were made in the past, then it is also true that we still suffer due past profligacy.

If it is amoral to store up climate disaster for our offspring, so too it is immoral to bankrupt them.

But in today’s world, even paper cuts are ‘to the bone’, thus ensuring that we lemmings will all follow one another over the cliff and into the sea.


Tim Nordin

Amisk, Alta.

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