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For most of my life whenever someone would ask me what nationality I was I would list the countries that my grandparents had come from.

A lot of people do this. A few years ago I realized that was wrong. I had never even seen these countries that my grandparents had been born in. My parents, my sisters and I were born in Canada; therefore we are Canadian, and nothing else.

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out. I guess in my generation it was just the thing to do if you were asked what nationality you were you just said English or Irish or German or whatever your grandparents were.

It was never because I was ashamed of my country because I have always been very proud of Canada; after all there is a lot to be proud of.

Canada is a very large country and there is beauty in each part of it.

We have the majestic beauty of the mountains in the west, the gentle beauty of the valleys and golden fields of grain in the prairies, the east has the rugged beauty of their coastline, and even our north has its own dramatic beauty that is not found anywhere else.

I think the most beautiful thing about our country is the freedom we have here. We are free to speak our mind without fear of punishment, even to criticize the government.

We are encouraged to work hard and become successful, no matter what our start in life has been.

We have an excellent educational system that is available for everyone, male, female or anything in-between.

Yes, our medical system is flawed but it is still the envy of many countries.

Best of all we are free to worship, or not worship, to be a Christian, or not, it is completely our choice. We will never be persecuted for going to church, or punished for not going.

We can walk the streets of our cities without the fear of bombs exploding.

I can’t list all the things about Canada that we can be proud of, the list is just too long.  We each have our own special reasons why we love our country so maybe we should all make our own lists.

We are all proud to be Canadian, we simply are not in the habit of showing our pride.

I think we should develop that habit and not only show our pride amongst ourselves, but to the rest of the world too. When someone asks what nationality, we are let’s be ready to stand tall and proudly say “I am Canadian.”

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