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by Diane Damnman

I saw Presca Boisvert’s car at Phillippe Crispins  on Saturday so I stopped in to see them.  It was Joel and the girls visiting.  Presca went to Zimbabwe to see her ill mother. Joel got home from his job as a miner in Botswana just a few days before he sent Presca to see her mother.  Joel will be home until January.  The Boisverts have bought a new home in Edmonton that the girls, Kimberly and Sunshine, just love.
I stopped at the old Glen Heffel place and met the Trent Powlick and Lisa Loewen, who purchased the place from Gene Wiart.  They moved in September 1. Hunter and Mya, Trent’s children were also there.
There is some more moving going on around town.  Ryan Berry and Courtney and family are moving to Forestburg to their first owned home.
Karin and Ross McCracken are  moving into the Peacock house that they bought from Gord McPherson.  They will be moving this month, October.  Ross’s son Dwayne  and wife will be moving into the house on the farm.
It was moving weekend for Lorne Goodrich and Chris as they moved from the apartment on Main Street to the mobile home across the alley from the seed plant.  They bought this property and have been working on it for a few weeks.
Several WI members turned out on Saturday to work on the Centennial  garden.  I found out that much of that new dirt and the work of spreading it is thanks to Dodd Ulrich and his equipment.  It sure is a lot more encouraging to plant when the earth is good.
WI is teaming with Alberta Health Care to put on courses of interest.  There are five from Alliance going to Castor for the Better Choices, Better Health course for the next five weeks.  In December, there will be a diabetes information workshop in Alliance.
The Eastern Star chapter from Forestburg attended church service in Alliance on Sunday.  There were about 20 of them including, Cliff and Carol McDermott of Red Deer, Donna and Doug Wold of Daysland, Brenda McDermott of Killam.  The Eastern Star members supplied a generous and delicious lunch after church.
Rev. Jope announced that he will be leaving January 1 to go to Lakeview United in Calgary.  He has been here for 8 1/2 years.
Carolyn Guhl stopped at the Valley Inn for coffee one morning this week.  Carolyn now lives in Red Deer and keeps busy with music and dancing at the senior centers.
Deepest sympathy to the Theilman family at Castor.  Sean Theileman, seventeen year old student at Gus Wetter died in a traffic accident this week, leaving the community and his classmates in shock.

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