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Dave and Marilyn Barreau of Naniamo are here visiting with Doug and Judi Solonick.  Judi just got back from visiting with them in Naniamo.
We took the afternoon train ride, now known as the Sausage Train, to Heisler on Sunday October 27 for the sausage supper.
Margaret Miller of Edmonton played some beautiful accordion tunes.  The sharing of reminisces of other train rides, the gentle ride of the car, the party atmosphere and the sausage supper made for a super day.
I did some visiting at the sausage supper.  Red and Shirley McDermott of Camrose, formerly Alliance were there.  I saw  Raymond and Carol Keufler across the room. Peter had a chat with Al Sloboda who was among the 400 plus people in attendance.
Jamie Geddes, the new reporter for the Community Press sat across from us.  She is in the process of moving to Galahad.
I attended the meeting of the Provincial Council of Alberta Women’s Institutes at Olds this weekend.  We were guests of Sandy and Terri Lorrie and treated very well.  There are nine of us on council.  We handled the business of the organization and did some planning for future fund raising and annual convention program.   The head office has now moved out of Wetaskiwin to Westrose on Highway 13 and 771, west of Mameo.

Conference in India
I had a chat with Kathy Charpentier of Castor.  She has just returned from a wonderful trip to Chennia, India where she represented the National Farmers Union at the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) Conference.  She found it to be an interesting conglomerate of women. Kathy attended the Agricultural Committee meeting.
The ACWW has an advisory capacity at the United Nations. There were 400 delegates from 70 different countries.  The Daughters of Mary Immaculate hosted the event.  For three years the DMI received funds from the organization to help them in their work as an orphanage that educated the poorest of the poor.

Following the Convention, Kathy was taken on a tour out to some villages.  She found the people everywhere to be most gracious but living in a land of contrasts.  One minute there would be the smell of filth and the next the lovely scent of flowers: the sight of beautiful buildings and then the sight of squalor just next door.   The dancing and singing really pleased Kathy.  The language of the region was Tamil.
The city of Chennia has over four million people.  It is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal in the south of India.  Chennia was know as Madras until 1996.  It is known as an ethno-religious community since there are so many different cultures and religions there.
I went on the ACWW page on facebook and saw a picture of Kathy at the convention as well as the other delegates from Alberta.  Alberta Women’s Institutes and the National Farmers Union each had five votes at the meetings.
The next meeting of the ACWW will be the area conferences.  The Canada Area conference will be held in Camrose, Alberta in June.  The next international one will be in Birmingham, England in 2016.

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