All need as much support as we can give them

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Dear Editor,

One of the great revealers of the true character of mankind is when we come face to face with a disaster or situation that we have absolutely no power over.

Last year Stettler experienced a hailstorm that no one could control and we simply had to accept that fact and begin to clean up the mess and rebuild.

This showed the determination and resilience of the human heart which is to be sought after and admired.

I don’t recall anyone blaming Premier Kenny or Prime Minister Trudeau or President Trump for this storm.

Oh yes, there were complaints about the insurance companies and the adjusters but things remained quite civilized on the whole.

I wish I could say the same regarding the trouble we are facing at the moment.

I just finished reading an article by Lauren Boothby in the Edmonton Journal presenting updated statistics as to how many cases, deaths and recoveries have occurred in our province of Alberta as pertaining to the coronavirus so-called pandemic.

It was a good article but what amazed me were the comments that accompanied the article.

The gist of one comment had to do with Health Minister Tyler Sandro and Premier Jason Kenny.

The individual drew attention to what he referred to as a torn-up contract between the province and the medical doctors that practice here.

His point was that since these professionals have been treated this way by the government, how can they be expected to risk their lives treating this virus?

Now, I am going to take a great risk here by expressing just what my reaction was to a comment like that.

I have to say that if a cut in pay or a torn up contract could deter any doctor from treating the sick then that doctor needs to look deep into his heart and soul as to whether he or she is in the right occupation.

In the past, doctors took an oath that assured us that they would “do no harm” but would do what they could to treat the sick whether they received any compensation at all.

I don’t think this is the time to be quibbling over salaries or contracts and I sincerely hope the doctors I know agree.

Times are tough for most citizens of our province these days and all need as much support as we can give them.

Sometimes that can be as simple as a kind word or a thank you. And believe me I do thank those doctors whose purpose is to heal the sick.

What we need to understand is there are many on the front lines attempting to help curb this disease who are subjected to risk as well as the loss of wages.

Truck drivers, policemen, cashiers in the grocery store and so on.

Hopefully, they are doing the best they can, including those in the medical profession.

Blaming those in government for how they govern or to which political party they represent only shows an underlying lack of true sympathy and compassion for what we are experiencing in these worrisome days.

There will be time enough for that at a later day . . . how about giving it a rest for now?


Faye Pearson

Stettler, Alta.

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