All-inclusive proportional political system needed

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Dear Editor.
The biggest insult we have to endure every day as Canadians, is being told we are a democracy, when in fact we are not, and looking at how our dysfunctional colonial political system is dividing and destroying our country has become a depressing reality.

Poilievre is busy promoting his freedom (to do what) agenda, while Trudeau continues to undermine our civil liberties, while our colonial political system is rejecting the people we desperately need as our leaders to transform Canada into a wealthy and prosperous society we could and should be, given our abundance of natural resources.

They simply do not want to be painted as liars and corrupt people, let alone being associated with any of those woke and controversial political narratives being promoted today.

Instead, the doors are wide-open for people like the Trudeaus and the Harpers, feeding their insatiable craving for power, destroying anything and everything that even remotely resembled democracy and our human rights.

Segregating Canadians by colour and culture, combined with Trudeau’s unprecedented wealth transfer out of Alberta to buy votes in Ontario and Quebec has divided Canada like never before.

Today there are virtually no doors left open for public input, and government spending is out of control. During the last 10 years Canada’s population increased by about three per cent, while federal government spending increased by almost 40 per cent. Where did all that money go?

The political process has entered a new level of degeneracy as Indigenous Chiefs are denying and defying evolution, insisting on living in our colonial past, where they can continue to control the land, the money, and their people, dividing the country even further.

To break Trudeau’s current lock on power, all the Conservatives have to do, is give the voters what they want, a Proportional ballot.

Instead, Poilievre is promoting freedom, not democracy, emulating Harper’s contempt for democracy.

The leader of the NDP is confused, and completely lost in Trudeau’s halo.

We desperately need an all-inclusive Proportional political system, with a ballot that separates the party vote from the candidate vote, to give voters the freedom to chose and support a political party, without being stuck with a raft of unwanted candidates.

That will be the foundation for a multi-party-system that will include all cultures and political ideologies.

It will help dissolve racism, as everybody will have the same rights and opportunities, including Indigenous people.

It will also be instrumental in resolving a mountain of claims for lands and compensation that are making Truth and Reconciliation look like a massive scam perpetrated on Canadian taxpayers.

Andy Thomsen

Kelowna, B.C.


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