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Alix Wagon Wheel Museum opens for the season in May and “closes” around the end of August.
After that, the museum is open for special events and by request. This report covers the 2017-18 fall and winter events during the time we have been “closed.”
There have been several tours at the request of individuals. We continue to help people seeking information by internet, telephone or written contact.
We order, collect, store and share tourist information from local venues and from Travel Alberta. In the winter, there is still tourist information available at the museum although summer is when we experience the majority of the demand for it.
As well, the Museum Board undertook the lead for much of the work for development and installation of the Alix Avenue of Heroes project, begun by Charles Andrews of Friends of the Alix Public Library.
They installed flags and signs, and developed and hosted the Honour Board for those who wished to donate to the project in memory or honour of family and friends. We opened the museum before and after the dedication of the project on the afternoon of Remembrance Day, Nov. 11.
We hosted three ‘Coffee and Conversation’ events, hosted Jayden Stauffer for a presentation about his semester as an exchange student in Brazil; during the Christmas Market and Toy Run, the museum was open with a display of over 100 decorative Nutcrackers; and the elementary school classes at Alix MAC School visited this display.
The subject of the March 15 ‘Coffee and Conversation’ was “music” where we featured a gramophone with “78” speed records, the pump organ, and Ralph Toepfer’s violin and other instruments brought by participants. There was free admission to all these events.
During this time, there were 356 visitors according to our Visitor Sign-In book. We still have a function to come in April when “Live History” will present a historical drama event with two short plays at the museum and two drama workshops at the Alix MAC School.
Alix Wagon Wheel Museum Association is very grateful for the support received from visitors, local businesses and for the continuing financial support from the Village of Alix, Lacombe County, Rahr Malting, Canada Summer Jobs, Young Canada Works and STEP.
The support allows us to plan, both for events and visitors and for improvements to the building and exhibits.
We also benefit from community partners such as Alix Recreation and Friends of the Alix Public Library in projects and events.
Winter is the time when plans are made, work is done, and orders of supplies and equipment are begun. The reliable funding lets us make improvements, and also allows us to host events.
Board Members, all of whom are volunteers, continue to attend meetings and educational events of Central Alberta Region Museums Network (CARMN) and the Alberta Museums Association (AMA) to develop our abilities and improve service.
Board members have devoted many hours to maintenance and improvement of the building, which have made our exhibits better and easier to create as well as to reduce our environmental footprint.
We are looking forward to our spring 2018 opening.


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