Alix struggles with funding for aging infrastructure

If at first you don’t succeed try again and that’s exactly what Alix is doing as the village applies for funding to deal with its aging infrastructure.

Even though the village applied for Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership Program (AMWWP) grant last year – and was determined to be eligible – they weren’t approve but they are reapplying this year.

“We will build on what we did last year and we’re pretty hopeful,” Tanya Meston, Alix’s Director of Corporate Services, told council at its regular meeting Sept. 7.

Meston, in her report to council, said she continues to consult with their planner at Parkland Community Planning Services.

Alix needs about $4 million in capital work over the next five to six years to upgrade its aging infrastructure. Earlier this year a delegation from MPE told village council that the three main projects needing to be done the next few years are the lift station, 49 St. sewer and lagoon upgrades.

The province said the village was eligible for $1.2 million in upgrades through the Water for Life Strategy. This would mean the village would only have to pay $300,000 for the project.

Council denies tax break to CP Rail

Alix council unanimously voted against waiving a tax penalty to CP Rail.
CP Rail asked council to waive a $367.31 tax penalty on its $3,060.85 tax bill saying they didn’t receive the bill by the June 30 due date.

Chief Administrative Officer Troy Jenkins told council, during their regular meeting Sept. 7, that he “strongly recommends council deny the request.”

“We apply tax penalties and rates fairly. They missed a deadline.”

Mayor Arlene Nelson agreed saying, “We have denied other people.”

Community works together

Chief Administrative Officer Troy Jenkins said the community of Alix pulled together for Wild Pink Yonder last month.

“It was a wonderful event,” he said. “The community came together and everyone did a great job.”

CAO Jenkins praised the work done by Chelsie Currier, the village’s new Recreation Co-ordinator.

In-camera items

Items on the Sept. 7 agenda that were dealt with in-camera included: legal opinion – easement agreement; legal opinion – rental agreement; legal opinion – FOIP Act; and an item simply listed as “legal issue.”

No motions were made after council came out of the in-camera session.

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