Alix road paving put on hold

A 6.4 km stretch of road near Alix won’t get asphalt overlay any time soon after Lacombe County voted against sending the project to tender.

At its regular meeting March 10, Lacombe County Rod McDermand made a motion that the project go to tender to find out what the costs would be.

“All roads need to be brought up to non-ban status,” said Coun. McDermand.

The motion was defeated.

The 75 mm to 80 mm of asphalt overlay would bring the road up to a non-banned structure. South and north of this section of road has paved non-banned roads.

The county wants to improve its banned roads to non-banned roads. Alix North was paved in 1989 and has had a spring road ban since then. The project is on the Pavement Management Plan for an overlay in 2030. It has low traffic volumes of about 121 vehicles per day.

Recreation requests
Lacombe County councillors voted in favour of awarding a bid from Driscoll Concrete for $49,100 for a new skateboard park pad in Mirror. The park will be relocated north of the existing outdoor rink on Lacombe County owned land.

Lacombe County will pay $3,000 for base preparation. The project is funded equally from the Mirror Contingency Reserve and the Recreational Capital Assistance Reserve.

Lacombe County will meet with Clive Community Hall Association and the Village of Clive on April 4 at the community hall in Clive to discuss its proposed hall.

According to Lacombe County’s Manager of Corporate Services Tim Timmons, based on a total projected cost of $2.14 million for the hall, $428,897 would be needed from the Village of Clive. The association asked the county for $1.74 million.

“Get the three parties together,” said Tim Timmons, Lacombe County’s director of corporate services at the regular meeting March 10. “Find out what the Village of Clive will commit to the project.”

Alix wants new rec facility
The Alix Arena/Ag Society informed Lacombe County that they are moving forward with a proposal to the Village of Alix and Lacombe County to build a recreational facility in Alix. The group asked Lacombe County for some guidance and participation from council members.

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