Alix residents get break in tax penalties

Council gave first reading to the village’s tax penalty bylaw, which hasn’t been updated since 1996.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Troy Jenkins, at Alix’s regular meeting on Aug. 17, suggested council reduce the tax penalty from 18 per cent to nine per cent on taxes in arrears.

“With the economy the way it is, many people are hurting financially and [are] having issues,” said CAO Jenkins. “These are people who are not usually in arrears.”

Jenkins said the move would help people who are in this situation for the first time by reducing some of the burden they have to carry.

The tax penalty break won’t be retroactive to previous years.

Council unanimously voted in favour of first reading.

Municipal Affairs meets with Alix council and residents

Malonie Grimard, spokesperson for a group of Alix residents, said seven residents met with two individuals from Alberta Municipal Affairs on Aug. 4 at the Village of Alix office for about two and a half hours.

The meeting comes after the group filed two petitions to Municipal Affairs.

One petition asks Municipal Affairs to look into the operations of the Village of Alix. The second petition asks Municipal Affairs to determine the viability of the municipality.

Grimard said some of those who signed the petition want the village dissolved in order to become part of the County of Lacombe following in the footsteps of Mirror.

Alix Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Troy Jenkins verified that Alberta Municipal Affairs was in Alix on Aug. 4. He said they also met with each councillor and the mayor individually.

CAO Jenkins said the petitions are now in the hands of municipal affairs.

“The minister will have the ultimate say and we look forward to her decision on both of these matters.”

He added that Alix is a beautiful community and the village is working together with residents for the Wild Pink Yonder event next week.

“That certainly is a positive and we’re optimistic as a village. We’re looking forward to a bright and prosperous future for the community that is celebrating 110 years of incorporation next year.”

Potential new business in Moonwalkers

After discussing the issue in-camera, Village of Alix council resumed its regular meeting and passed a motion to enter into a lease agreement to rent Bay 3 of the Moonwalkers facility.

Chief Administrative Officer Troy Jenkins said the village is in negotiations and can’t comment yet on what type of business is interested.

“We hope to move forward and if we do this would certainly be a positive step forward for the community.”

Property goes to auction

Alix council approved one property to go up for public auction on Oct. 26 because of tax arrears.

Chief Administrative Officer Troy Jenkins said the Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires that communities collect taxes.

Coun. Rob Fehr pointed out that this property has been in arrears for “a number” of years.

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