Alix Library requests safety signage

The Alix Library is asking council for additional signage near the building as the area is known to have speedy drivers pass by.

At the regular council meeting on Nov. 7, council mulled over the options.

Over the past few years, there have been many ‘close calls’ involving children running out of the library and vehicles passing at the intersection of the laneway between the library and the hotel.

The library mentioned Thursday evenings during the fall and winter months have been particularly the worst times at which this situation presents itself.

The intersection is also known to be quite open for visibility when turning on to Main Street and when turning from the lane on Main Street.

Unfortunately, the 2018 budget funds set aside for signage has been used as they installed a new 3-way stop on Lake Street.

The request to have a “Slow: Children Crossing” sign and a “Stop” sign was given to public works for consideration prior to the meeting.

They felt the extra signage in that area would cause difficulty for snow removal.

A sign mounted on the back of the library deck was their suggestion instead. The sign would be for information purposes only as it does not meet Traffic Safety Act standards and is not enforceable under the law.

Council made a motion to put up a sign on the deck as well as recommend the library put up a caution sign on the inside of the building on the door as well.

Draft Operating Budget

The 2019 draft operating budget was presented to council for its first review.

This budget projects $2,762,052.34 in revenue and total expenses at $2,596,189.07 with over $165,000 in variance.

An emergency water pump repair was required after one of the two gave out earlier this year.

This unexpected cost took a hit to their finances, setting them back approximately $17,000. Council made a resolution to have the pump repair paid for through reserves.

“That’s what reserves are for right?” said Coun. Barb Gilliat.

The budget is anticipating a surplus at the end of this year.

If council were to set $15,159 of this surplus towards fire department reserves, the village would still have funding for the village’s portion of capital expenses up to and including 2020.

There is also a line item within the budget that allows for $15,000 transfer to reserves under fire department expenses.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michelle White recommended council consider doing this transfer on annual basis to ensure enough money has been set aside for future large expenditures like a fire truck or other pieces of pricey equipment.

The village is required to pay for 50 per cent of all capital items purchased.

Council made a resolution to accept the recommendation to continue the $15,000 transfer on an annual basis as well as set $15,159 towards the fire department reserves.

Legal expenses

Alix did not have a line item for legal expenses in the past. It was always under professional administration purposes.

“So for this year we have about $25,000 in that department and that being said, we are at this point under utilizing that department, I am happy to say,” said White. “It’s not to say we won’t need them for year end but it’s a section of our budget that we could tighten down on if we had a reserve set up for it.”

CAO White mentioned how council could use this year’s surplus to make this reserve a reality or to budget for in 2019.

Coun. Vicki Soltermann felt that a separate reserve would not be beneficial as those funds could only be solely used for legal matters whereas a general reserve gives the village freedom to move funds around as needed.

CAO White then mentioned they could build a general reserve set anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 instead.

No resolution was required but administration did take the information into account for further adjustments to the budget.


Terri Huxley

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