Alix animal society sees influx in donations following Betty White’s passing

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Internationally famed America’s sweetheart, Betty White recently passed on three weeks shy of her 100th birthday on Jan. 17.

In honour of her life and legacy, it was mutually agreed upon amongst society to donate or adopt at their local animal shelters as she ‘preferred animals over people’ and had many initiatives to help these wonderful creatures.

“I just like animals more than I like people. It’s that simple,” she said during an interview with Entertainment Online.

There were hundreds of thousands of dollars donated in the name of the late Hollywood original actress in the case of Alberta.

What was interesting in particular is that Alix-based Saving Grace Animal Society (SGAS) gained $97,445 as of Tuesday evening, a whole $6,000 more than even the Calgary Humane Society.

“We have been truly blessed by Betty and of course our SGAS Angel supporters to make this happen. 

All of here at the rescue, especially the animals, are eternally grateful for the over pouring of support. Any amount received would have been wonderful but this just absolutely blows us away,” the Society addressed in a Facebook post.

According to Alberta SPCA, $650,000 was donated to charities during what has been dubbed as the #BettyWhiteChallenge.

They added that the actual donation total is even higher than this amount as many organizations did not list a donation total on their sites and others listed tallies while admitting donations as they came in.


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