Aligning themselves with the right professionals has been key to their farming success

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Not many of their classmates from Olds College are still farming, but the livestock operation Becky and Travis Page started near Didsbury in 2010 continues to grow.

The couple, both in their thirties, have been farming full-time for over a decade and now have a few employees. Their four young children are already showing enthusiasm for the family business taking part in horse and cattle shows and 4-H.

Redline Livestock has polled Herefords and Red and Black Angus cattle along with a commercial herd that is a combination of the three.

The Pages were both raised on farms, and when they began their own cattle operation, Becky brought the Herefords she was raised with, and Travis brought Angus. They both liked the docility and hardiness of the Hereford breed, the profitability of the Angus breed, and the hardiness of them both.

“There’s always a market for Hereford-Angus cross,” said Becky Page.

Though it takes a lot of work and management to keep the two lines of purebreds that produce strong crosses, Page said their F1 Hereford-Angus crosses are one of their mainstays.

They have 600 breeding cows, and the farm sees about 400 calves every winter.

Relationships are a priority for the couple, whether they be with employees, mentors, or others working in the agriculture industry. The Page’s are part of organizations like Cow Calf Health and Management Solutions, and they work with mentors including veterinarian Dr. Waylon Wise.

Page says aligning themselves with the right professionals has been key to their farming success, along with being open to other advice and ideas, and having a progressive mindset. This includes making use of technology.

Using software programs like Herdtrax allows them to track details like weights, breeding information, pedigrees and feeding for their cattle.

“It really enables you to look at the big picture and zone in on cows that are profitable on every level,” said Page. “We’re doing the homework, and we’re tracking things that not everyone else is.”

They hope that by using data management and other tools, they can supply low-maintenance, good, sound, long-lasting cattle for themselves and their customers.

Redline Livestock has been selling bulls for over a dozen years, and their next sale takes place on Feb. 10.

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