Alberta in crisis

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Dear Editor,

Our out of touch representatives no longer respond to e-mails or phone calls.  

Thinking we have forgotten “Travel-gate”, the Premier is using the federal government’s slow delivery of vaccines as his scapegoat. 

Ms. Hinshaw continues to busily count deaths and cases – but let’s take a second look at those numbers.  

The number of cases is NOT the number who are actually sick, but the number who had a positive test – the infamous test with many false positives.  

Also one must compare the intensive care numbers to the over 1,000 ICU beds available in Alberta.  

While expressing sadness at the death of the elderly, no mention is ever made of lock-down related suicides and drug overdose deaths.  

Less than 1 per cent have died from the COVID virus alone.  The numbers are manipulated to maintain the lock-down.

While bureaucrats get a pay raise, these decisions are devastating lives and livelihoods of Albertans who don’t have those regular paycheques. 

We are left to live in fear – fear of job loss, fear of snitches, fear of fines, fear of death.  

What if I get COVID and die or pass it on to someone who dies? What if my surgery or cancer treatment is delayed and I die?  What if…what if…?

Rather than living in fear, we need to be informed, and stand up, even in a small way for freedom and common sense. 

By all means take sensible safety precautions, but also take note that even the World Health Organization is now saying that lock-downs are harmful.  

Vaccines, if or when they arrive, may be helpful, but delaying herd immunity while mental health and the economy suffer is not the answer.

Only a few are standing up for our Charter Rights and Freedoms.  

For more information check out the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (  

They have the lawyers and staff to locate solid information. They firmly believe that the Charter was not meant to be a list of suggestions, but actual law to be followed by our governments.

Stay home if you’re sick.  Keep in touch with family and the elderly as much as is permitted, but also keep up the pressure to make at least rural Alberta “strong and free” once again.


Pat Holloway

Castor, Alta.

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