Alberta Health Services will consolidate all EMS dispatch systems in province

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Alberta Health Services-Emergency Medical Services (AHS EMS) is moving forward with its plan to create one provincial EMS dispatch system.
Over the next few months current EMS dispatch providers will transition their operations to one of the three designated AHS EMS dispatch centers in Peace River, Edmonton and Calgary.
Today, 14 dispatch centers are contracted by Alberta Health Services to dispatch EMS resources to 911 emergency calls. By the end of 2013, each of these centers will transition to one of the three new designated AHS EMS dispatch centers.
The creation of a provincial EMS dispatch system means Alberta Health Services can see where all the EMS resources are located in real-time. This means the closest available ambulance will be sent to a patient, regardless of their location or municipality.
Alberta Health Services predicts patients will benefit from improved coordination of resources and better efficiencies in the overall system.
Once current dispatch centers are transitioned to Alberta Health Services, all ambulances and crews will have standard equipment to communicate with the dispatch centers.
Equipments includes a computer system that allows crews in the ambulance to constantly share information back and forth with the dispatch center. They will also have GPS technology that shows where the ambulance is currently located, the location of the emergency and the fastest route to get there. Currently, only 70 per cent of ambulances in the province have this technology.
Alberta Health Services has already begun meeting with current providers and local stakeholders to prepare for the transition.
A risk management reporting form and process is in place to help ensure reporting of issues during the consolidation as they occur.

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