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Premier Smith of the United Conservative Party (UCP) continues to show she does not care about helping Albertans save money in this era of high inflation, particularly when it comes to dental work.

The Alberta Government website outlining fees for dentists does not work and now Albertans can not tell if they are getting a fair deal on dental work.

Alberta has the highest overall dental prices in Canada and this is a direct result of the Smith UCP government and its corporate nonintervention policies.

The UCP is a party that supports corporations charging whatever they want for essential products and services, including dental work and energy. The Dental Fee Guide link is supposed to be found on the following Alberta government website However the link does not work so people are in the dark on government-proposed dental fee rates.

Alberta is one of the most wealthy provinces in Canada. Many dentists take advantage of that and charge excessive greedflation fees. Shopping around for dentists is not easy as rates vary even between customers. You may find a cheap dentist but sometimes the cheap dentist is cutting corners and this can lead to less durable work or even health harms.

Dentists don’t always explain costs well and people who are unknowledgeable in dental procedures are at a great disadvantage when it comes to getting a good dentist service at a fair price. Albertans expect the uncaring Conservative Party to step in and help Albertans with excessive dental costs now and not wait until the next election.

The following link outlines which countries in the world offer low-cost dental care and free dental check-ups: :,free%20dental%20care%20to%20everybody.

If Albertans lived in a real legalized democracy, where you have the legalized right to introduce and vote on government bills, you can bet the people would create a far superior dental fee guide or the people would make the dental industry a part of our health care system in order to lower the high inflationary costs of dental care in Alberta.

James Kohut
Founder of Legalize Real Democracy Party
Calgary, Alta.

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