Airport agreement formalized

Coronation town council

The Town of Coronation and the County of Paintearth have formalized an operating agreement for the Coronation airport after maintaining an unofficial airport operating and maintenance agreement for a number of years.

The details of this agreement along with a copy of the Operating Agreement were presented to council at their last regular meeting on Mon., Aug. 22.

The agreement reads as follows:
1) The parties hereto agree that they will and shall jointly operate a municipal airport on the above described lands. The airport will be operated with no differentiation between town and county users.

2.) The town shall:
a.) Maintain ownership of the municipal airport
b.) Be the managing partner in the operations of the airport
c.) Maintain all required licenses and permits from federal and provincial agencies and maintain sufficient and appropriate insurance to protect the town and the county from any or all claims arising out of the operation of the  airport
d.) Continue to allow Alberta Environment to locate and operate a weather station at the airport
e.) Develop an annual operating and capital budget for the airport
f.) Maintain hangar lease agreements with each individual hangar owner
g.) Collect revenues for hangar leases annually, and
h.) Provide fuel service at the airport and invoice pilots for usage on a cost-recovery   basis.

3. The County shall:
a.) Transfer the annual tax revenues collected from hangar owners to the town to offset operational costs
b.) Provide snow removal services on the runway surface whenever weather conditions warrant
c.) Assist with maintenance of the runway and apron surfaces and runway lights as mutually agreed upon and as identified in the annual operating budget, through the provision of manpower, equipment, and/or  materials
d.) Assist with capital improvements to the airport as mutually agreed upon and identified in the annual capital budget, and
e.) Waive all assessments and taxes on the runway during the term of this agreement.

Revised pool safety plan

A revised Aquatic Safety Plan for the Coronation swimming pool was conditionally approved by council, subject to a few minor wording changes at their last regular meeting.

According to CAO Sandra Kulyk’s report to council, the Aquatic Safety Plan includes information, policies and procedures specific to the Coronation swimming pool to ensure the health and safety of the pool patrons.

The plan includes operating and maintenance procedures, as well as emergency procedures to be followed in the event of a number of circumstances which could potentially arise.

CAO report

CAO Kulyk has completed reviewing and indexing all of the town bylaws for the purpose of implementing a repealing bylaw for all outdated, obsolete or replaced bylaws on record.

Kulyk has also been working with golf club on their water infiltration issues at the club house. A contractor has been hired to assess the situation and to make recommendations.

Asbestos removal has been completed on a Victoria Ave. property, reported Kulyk, and the town is accepting tenders for the demolition of the house and shed.

Discussions were had to consider accepting demolition materials, furniture and large waste items at the Coronation Waste Transfer site.

If the changes are implemented for a demolition bin, it will result in additional operating costs of $20,000 to $30,000.

A bin for furniture and large refuse would be $600 per month ($7200 per year) and would need to be sorted and loaded by the site manager.

Kulyk met with Sylvia Adams of ATCO Electric who provided council administration with a demonstration of the GE Evolve LED streetlight that is being introduced as the new streetlight standard for ATCO.

Use of these new streetlights is scheduled to begin in April 2017. The town can opt to implement their use sooner by simply signing approval.  The new LED lights provide a soft clear white light. Adams will provide some calculations and documentation on the potential energy savings to be realized with these new lights.

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