AHS has forgotten about freedom

Dear Editor,

This past week we celebrated Remembrance Day and were reminded to remember and not forget the price that many Canadians paid during the wars so that we could have freedom.

Now that we are into another year of COVID it would appear that Alberta Health Services (AHS) has forgotten about freedom.

The freedom to choose to have the vaccination or not to.

Each of us knows our health issues and it should be our freedom to make the decision for or against the vaccine.

The people I feel the most sorry for are the healthcare workers who have worked through COVID thus far, taken extra shifts and stayed healthy.

Now AHS takes away the freedom of choice and mandates that they either get vaccinated or they are unemployed. Some thanks especially when we are already short of healthcare workers in Alberta.

My last comment is the lack of respect to people who choose to remain unvaccinated.

It seems that those vaccinated feel they have the right to get into the faces of those who are not vaccinated.

Let us remember and let us not forget the Canadians who paid the ultimate price so we can have freedom.


Mabel Thompson

Killam, Alta.

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