After-school sports reopened in Alberta

School sports have been on hold, but soon this gym floor will have 10 kids on it. ECA Review/Gabe Sortland
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For over a year now, Canada has been facing the COVID-19 pandemic and the province’s guidelines are always changing.

Now, minor sports are once again allowed in Alberta.

On Feb. 8, the Alberta Government announced that after-school sports would once again be reopened but this time with stricter guidelines.

The guidelines set in place for the kids are: participants must be under 18 (coaches exempt); a maximum of 10 individuals will be allowed; all participants must maintain physical distancing; masks must be worn, except when engaged in said physical activity and there will be limited access to the change rooms.

Students have differing thoughts on the matter.

”I feel pretty good about it since I can play sports again,” said Grade 9 student Bryden Laing.

Dillan Dambrowsky, also a Grade 9 student, said, “It doesn’t affect me since I don’t play sports but I agree with the decision.”

Grade 9 student Alyssa Carson said, “As an expert couch potato, I don’t really care.”

A student who asked to remain anonymous said, “Kids are getting fatter by the day, so it’s a good decision.”

With the global decline of COVID-19 cases, it still doesn’t mean we are out of the woods, and we know that the threat COVID-19 poses to our school sports is still very much alive.

With restrictions such as these, a compromise has been made to ensure that kids remain active while slowing the spread.


by Gabe Sortland

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