Advanced security system for Paintearth county

Paintearth county

Bryce Cooke, Director of Public Works for Paintearth County  requested the county purchase a new security system for the county yard and Brownfield shop at their regular meeting on Tues., Mar. 22.

Cooke told council that he fears an increase in thefts in the Paintearth County due to the downturn in the economic situation which all Albertans are currently experiencing.

Cooke went on to say that in order to help protect the county’s assets in the yards, safe guards need to be implemented to either help prevent theft or aid in the arrest of criminals who entered onto the property.

Currently there are only two cameras in the main yard and zero mount at the other two shops.

Cooke would like to put in a 15 camera system at the county yard, which would provide coverage for all the shop doors, gates and cold storage giving the county a full view of their yard , which could be remotely accessed.

Cooke also suggested they install two cameras at the Brownfield shop which would cover the fuel tank and shop door.

He went on to say that the Brownfield shop was broken into last year and the county lost small tools and oil, while theft of fuel and pumps has been an ongoing battle every year.

Cooke feels this system will allow the county 24-hour access to view each camera  from their smart phones.

A quote from Vital Networks cost for the 15 camera system at county yard came in at $15,974.40 with an additional $2,748.05 for two cameras for the Brownfield shop.

A quote from CDW Canada for only eight cameras came in at $22,372.80 for only the county yard.

A motion was passed to purchase the 22 camera system that will store upwards of two months of security footage.

Cooke also requested that the county purchase a new Lincoln 305G EFI portable welder to place on their welding truck.

Cooke reported that the old welder quit working and the cost to repair the 1964 Lincoln was not cost effective. The welding truck enables the county public works staff to do their own repairs in the field and not have to haul our equipment back to the shop for repairs.

Cooke said that they had received five quotes with Jordahl  Enterprises coming in with the lowest quote at  $6300.

Cooke also reported that the Graders 2010 M160 Unit #2180 and 2008 M160 Unit #2170 will be sold at the April 26 – 28 Ritchie Brothers sale and the gravel reclaimer sloper has been installed.

Also, the county’s “new” pickup was rear ended in Camrose on it’s maiden voyage to the county.  The truck had only minor damage and there were no injuries.

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