Admonition to small town east central Alberta

Dear Editor,

Create your very own Ghost Town in five easy steps:

1.) Compare flyer prices of your local stores with those in a larger community some distance away from your small town.

2.) Get in your car and drive that distance, disregarding the time spent travelling, the money spent on gas, impulse buying and the delicious supper at a chain fast food restaurant with an owner who cares absolutely nothing for, nor who puts not one cent back into your community.

3.) Do not communicate with your local merchants to see if he/she can get the things you need.

4.) Put blinders on to the well-known fact that your local merchants contribute $$$$$ to most of the town’s “fun and frivolity” functions and social services throughout the year.

5.) Be sure to spread the word to newcomers, visitors to town, at local and out-of-town sports functions, that your town has nothing to offer in the way of shopping.

Create growth to your community in five easy steps:

1.) Shop using your community store(s) flyers, stock up on flyer, instore and caseload specials, thereby saving money for the slightly higher priced other necessities.

Use out-of-town flyers for other useful functions such as lining your compost bucket or the bottom of a birdcage.

2.) Put the keys to your car in your pocket. Stroll through your fair town and visit with the merchants and your neighbours while purchasing what you need.

3.) Ask your local store owners if they can get the items that you desire.

Most of them will if it is possible.

Next, see if you can comfortably substitute an item you would like for something else that is stocked on the store shelf.

If all else fails, then, check online.

4.) Be thankful and let your local merchants know that you are thankful for all of their monetary contributions to your community.

5.) Be sure to spread the word, far and wide, about your beautiful thriving community that has much to offer in every way, to locals, visitors and newcomers alike.

Food For Thought: “Ghost Towns are created by their inhabitants”.


Mary Anne Crocker,

Coronation, Alta.

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