Addressing concerns over Wellness Centre

Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter in order to address some of the concerns people in our community have with the Wellness Society and the future skating arena and curling rink.  
I would like to assure everyone that the Wellness Society is not interested in building “Rexall Place”.  I think a lot of miscommunication has occurred because of previous community  meetings and a survey from last year.  The survey was only meant to gather ideas and it left the wrong impression on many,  (including myself) that is why I joined the Wellness Society.  I agree with the majority of the residents in Coronation and surrounding  county,  that the facilities we have meet the needs of our citizens.  

However, the buildings are aging and we need to look toward the future and have a plan in place for when they need to be replaced.   Anyone who has been in the curling rink can see that it is starting to show its age and the skating rink is not much younger.   We need to plan for the future so our children and their children have the same opportunities we had.  Someone stepped up and built the facilities we currently use  and it would be a dishonour to them for us not to do the same.  
Our  intent is to replace what we have, not build anything bigger or better, just newer!!  This is going to take many years of planning and raising the required funds and that is why the Wellness Society has been formed.  We plan to build in stages, probably replacing the curling rink first and then the skating rink.  Our goal is to link the two buildings together so they can share an ice plant, lobby, concession,  and washrooms, etc…..
Yes, Coronation is changing and currently it is smaller but we don’t have to let it shrink and die away, that doesn’t have to be its future.  We may never reach the population of Stettler and quite frankly I hope we don’t.  I chose to return to this small town because it is a small town with a lot to offer.
Because the facility project is going to take many years and lots of grants and donations we have started a smaller project and that is a community fitness centre.  The reason we started this project is because it will give us an address and enough meeting minutes to apply for a casino grant in two years time. These are requirements for the casino grant.
Vickey Horkoff, Chair
Wellness Society
Coronation, Ab

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