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At an Aug. 24 special meeting with Murray Holroyd, public works foreman in attendance, council approved paving sections at 49 Ave. and 48 St., 40 St. and 52 Ave. and 51 St. and 50 Ave to be funded from the town’s 2017 operating budget.
Council also approved reconstruction and extension paving located at 52 St. and 50 Ave. of $162,980 funded from accumulated surplus.
Council also approved the 51 Ave. and 49 St. paving if the project can be completed for $21,875 including drainage issues, again funded through accumulated surplus.

User Agreements

Council accepted a Revised Arena and Recreational Facility Use and Allocation Policy, Arena Use Agreement and Recreation Arena User Fees with some changes.
The town now reserves the right to retain 15 per cent of fee for administration due to cancellations and/or adjustments to rentals.
Users booking on a monthly basis will be required to pay prior to the 15th of the following month.
A damage deposit of $500 is now part of the policy.
Council has removed fees for public skating and shinny hockey as only $300 is collected annually and costs of administering the fees is likely more.
The Centennial room in the arena will be provided at no charge to arena users and Bashaw & Area Recreation Board, while others will pay an hourly rate of $20 per hour or $80 for the full day.

Franchise fees

Council left the franchise fee for Fortis Alberta at three per cent.
CAO Theresa Fuller explained that increasing the franchise fee increases revenue for the town, however, it then increases out-of-pocket costs to residents.
The estimated revenue for 2017 at three per cent is $19,669 and $20,669 in 2018.
Council will maintain the Atco gas and pipelines franchise fee for 2018 at the current 15 per cent.
In a letter from Atco Gas, it stated in 2016, the delivery tariff revenue in the Town of Bashaw was $248,878 with the forecasted revenue for 2018 at $307,949, therefore the forecast 2018 franchise fee revenue for the Town of Bashaw would be $46,192.

Public works

In Holroyd’s public work’s report, he noted the trees by the school will need to be removed as one could easily blow over now that the roots are cut on the school side. He stated in the report it “would look better if all three trees on the street side of the sidewalk were removed”.
The draft flushing and switch over to the regional water line is scheduled for the last two weeks of September.

Council is awaiting more information before making any decisions on the Non-Potable Truck Fill station as it is not yet known whether or not the town will be permiited to continue to use the water wells for this purpose after connection to the regional water line, and the Community Hall Building Management System as more information is to come.
Council asked CAO Fuller to get a quote regarding the size of the bins for automated garbage pickup, what would be picked up, and would recycled goods still be separate.
Can Pak has offered the automated pickup service with the initial bins being provided at no cost.
A few areas in the community would still remain curbside due to the limited space in the alley.
Council went in-camera on a legal issue for 20 minutes followed by adjournment.

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