Addicted to doling out our money

Have you noticed the Justin Trudeau takes great pride in expounding on the word “progressive”. He seems to want to be defined by that word as if progressive is the end all and be all of Liberal policy.
Every time he comes up with some major announcement he uses the word progressive. He uses it when he talks about free trade, an apology or marijuana legislation.
He is convinced that being progressive is the answer to all the worlds and our countries ills.
I think he is getting our country and himself into big trouble by emphasizing the over use of progressive policy positions.
According to a report I read in the Fraser Institutes Quarterly Report, Trudeau believes the more dependent we are on government the better off we are. He knows what is best for us.
Last week he was in Beijing primarily to promote the idea of free trade with China.
It appears that the initiative was a total failure. He wants a trade agreement that reflects progressive philosophy. He was pushing the idea of human rights, labour standards and gender equality in a free trade agreement with China.
I think he just got laughed at. These are foreign concepts to the government in China.
Trudeau and his government have shown a total lack of understanding about trade with the Chinese.
Before he was elected as Prime Minister he professed some admiration for their form of government. China is a dictatorship, dictators have no interest in human rights, gender equality, etc.
A trade agreement with China has to represent the interests of China, not Trudeau’s agenda.
Canada is currently in negotiations with the USA and Mexico on the NAFTA agreement.
It appears the first thing that he laid on the table was his progressive agenda. That would be environmental standards including carbon tax, gender equality and most important of all special consideration for the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer) people.
We don’t hear much from Stephen Harper these days but he criticized the government’s approach to those talks as soon as he became aware that they had put a progressive agenda on the table.
So far Trump has not been impressed.
I believe that Trudeau has an addiction. I am sure most of you have heard the term “spendaholic”. This is a person who has an addiction whereby they cannot refrain from spending money any time they are in a store even if they don’t need anything.
It seems to me that he has gone on a real binge of apologies lately i.e. terrorists from the middle east countries, such as Kadar, the aboriginals from Newfoundland and the LBGTQ people in the public service and military.
Every time he does one of these apologies he forks out millions of dollars in compensation of our taxpayer money. For example, in the latter case he is awarding these people any where from $5,000 to $150,000 depending on the severity of the discrimination inflicted on them due to their sexual orientation, gender identity or sexual expression.
If you saw this item on TV, didn’t it just break your heart to see him wiping his eyes as he was making this apology. What a farce!
I think so far he has doled out over $10 million to Kadar.
Every time Trudeau goes overseas to some conference or other, he seems to find a reason to hand out a few more million dollars of our money, like Canada is supposed to save the world!
Between his progressive philosophy and his addiction to doling out millions of dollars every chance he gets, seems to me, Canada cannot afford to have him as a prime minister much longer.
Since becoming prime minister he has been spending money that Canada doesn’t have at an unsustainable rate. We could soon be an economic basket case.

by Herman Schwenk

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