Actions of the High River RCMP very disturbing

Dear Editor,
The actions of the RCMP In High River, Alberta is very disturbing in a free and democratic society. Using the flooding disaster as an excuse to break into private homes and removing private property is a criminal offence. This kind of behaviour one would expect from a common criminal.
What sets Canada apart from third world dictators is the rule of law.
This kind of behaviour is a breach of public trust. No one can break into your home and steal your property.  No one can enter your home without a search warrant. No one can take your property without your permission. Just because the stolen property were firearms doesn’t make it right or legal. Why didn’t they take jewelry and electronics which are more valuable?
In Manitoba, many First Nations community homes were abandoned over the last few years due to flooding. Did the RCMP break into these homes to rescue their firearms?
I think the RCMP need to rethink their role in a civil society. Wearing a uniform doesn’t give them a licence to break the law. I  always thought their job was to serve and to protect the public. A judicial inquiry should be called to investigate this incident in High River. Your elected official needs to hear from you on this matter.
Inky Mark,  former Member of Parliament

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