Act of cowardice

Dear Premier,
It is astonishing to see that a governing party claiming to be “Social” would create legislation unilaterally, secretly and without the advice of those it would directly effect.

Based on your actions it is apparent that the rural community is in fact a community that this government, your government, is not only disconnected from but apparently has distain for as well.

Your recent actions to ram this bill through second and third readings and committee in three hours is a testament to the above conclusion, and further it elucidates that you are not the “socialist party” of the working class you claim to be at all.  Rather, you are merely a totalitarian regime, like the many of that ilk that have come before you, seeking power for the sake of power alone.

Choosing top-down dictatorship rather then bottom-up consultation when a majority offers up that option, is an expression of the NDP’s true modus operandi.

Your scheduling of this “ambulance chasing” legislation on the heals of the unfortunate rural farm family accident involving the death of three girls (which had nothing to do with farm workers) in an effort to sell this issue to the civic majority ignorant of the needs of rural Albertans, is a despicable act of cowardice that will not be forgotten.

Perhaps you could coin a phrase for your newly exposed method of utopian rule.  Stalin described his murderous efforts very eloquently, as his “Five Year Economic Plan”.

Leslie Czar
Richdale, Ab.

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