Act as Albertans

Dear Editor,

1.) These are merely suggestions. Do what you will.

In Alberta, we do, if something needs doing. No one told me to write this. I just felt it needed to be done.

2.) Fly your Alberta flag. We have one in our front window. It is just a natural extension of our Alberta license plate, our Alberta health care cards and our Alberta drivers’ licenses.

Knowing this, it seems – to us – strange that many Albertans fly Oilers flags, Flames flags, Canadian Flags – without an Alberta flag in sight?

3.) Be contrary to ‘conventional’ thinking.

Here’s one of my most contrary thoughts: Vote “NO” in the next “federal” election.

This is not a “spoiled” ballot (one which is exchanged for a new one).

This one – in fact – makes it into the ballot box but is counted as “rejected” because you did not mark one of the “conventional” choices.

The federal election is usually decided before the ballots are even counted in Alberta.

Almost 70 per cent of the seats in the House of Commons is decided by Canadians living east of Manitoba.

4.) Unite with “all” Albertans – at least once. Wouldn’t you agree that a Quebec conservative, liberal, new democrat, green (etc.) is very different than an Albertan version of any one of those?

But there is one thing on which all Albertans can agree. Albertans should have a big “say” about what goes on in their lives without others – who live far away – dictating to them.

One sure way to unite is to agree to vote “NO” in the next federal election.

Remember the “rejected” ballots are counted. That’s why the election results never add up to 100 per cent.

What if a majority (over 50 per cent), voted “no”? Those “rejected ballot” results could no longer be ignored.

It would be a resounding vote of “non-confidence”, by Albertans, as to how Canada is governed.

Our Alberta premier could then use those results to negotiate more aggressively on behalf of all Albertans.

5.) Just be Albertan. Talk about some Albertan things. Take that delightfully dreadful drive (I have) to Ft. McMurray. And see (and smell), first-hand, how Alberta resources are being mined.

Eat good Albertan food. Listen to some good Albertan music. And, maybe make your own version of “Albertan” whatever.

And again, these are “our” suggestions, do what you will. And if you want, look us up. We enjoy connecting with people from anywhere in the world (especially Alberta).

Corinne & Jay Bortnik, Albertans

Hanna, Ab.

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