Acme School getting $13.7M modernization investment

Written by ECA Review

Alberta’s government is investing $13.7 million over the next three years for the modernization of Acme School to better support learning and career partnerships within the community.

The government’s capital investment will enhance the school’s existing partnerships that prepare students with the skills needed for future success closer to home and support the school’s partner businesses to expand their offerings to Albertans.

As a community hub, the modernized school will offer training and support for students and the community in job-specific skills, including agriculture, manufacturing and a range of trades and apprenticeships.

It will also support career opportunities in rural areas to attract and retain students to live and work in rural communities.

“We are excited . . . for the unique approach to trade and skill development undertaken by Acme School. 

We believe this is a model that could be used across rural Alberta in support of student training and local industry,” said  Golden Hills School Division chair Laurie Huntley.



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