Accept the herd mentality

Dear Editor,

Re: “Fact or opinion”; by Brenda Schimke; 4/18/19.

Indeed, independent thinking is discouraged. We’re “encouraged” to behave like sheep. We’re to accept the opinions of others without bothering to check the facts.

Why? Because most folks are afraid to express a “different” point of view for fear of possibly losing their jobs, their businesses, or their friends/associates.

The fear of being ostracized also plays a very big part in the minds of many people, especially in rural communities where everyone knows everyone.

Expressing a “different” point of view may be considered heresy. We’re “encouraged” to conform, to be the same like everyone else. We’re encouraged to think alike, to talk alike, and to even vote alike.

“Don’t be different”! Follow the crowd; accept the herd mentality.


George Thatcher

Trochu, Alta.

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