Acadia Valley’s 79-year-old hall to be replaced

Acadia Valley’s 79-year-old hall to be replaced: MLA Nate Horner announced on Fri. Aug. 7 that Acadia Valley will be getting a brand new hall in the near future Minister of Infrastructure Prasad Panda was also in attendance to share the news. The community hall in Acadia Valley was built in 1941 and although served the area well, Municipal District of Acadia council is pleased to start building a new community hall soon now that the province and federal governments Investing in Canada’s Infrastructure Plan (ICIP) Grant has been approved. From the left: MLA Nate Horner, CAO Jason Wallsmith, Minister of Infrastructure Prasad Panda, Coun. Ron Hoyt, Reeve Pete Rafa, Coun. Aaron Skappak, Coun. Willie Vandeligt and Deputy Reeve Tim Peers.

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