A unique perspective on the Czar Quilt show

Written by City Media

On the morning of Friday October 25, Czar Quilt show organizers arrived at the Czar hall parking lot to find 20 armored vehicles. Quickly the Guild members learned that the Lord Strathcona’s Horse Reece Squadron, from CFB Wainwright, were exercising both Domestic Operations and practicing for deployments whereby they would be in another country and have to scope out the general population to discriminate between friend and foe. As they find the friendly population they move into “ Winning Hearts and Minds.”
In no time at all they had won the hearts of the members of the Czar Quilters Guild assisting them with the  final set-up, then taking the time to share coffee and cookies and view the Quilting displays.  Truly an experience those present will treasure for some time!
This year’s show was themed, “Art is in the Eye of the Beholder” and in addition to the art of  quilting, the artwork of local high school students and other artists were featured. There were 285 items showcased amid the antiques, collectibles and painted signs that boosted their show to above and beyond the normal quilt show.

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