A little history to help understand County’s intent

Dear Editor,

I thank the County for the public engagement session of our Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw review.

Excellent start to engage residents.

I was surprised to see my grain bins on display at the round table forums.

A little history so all are aware and understanding of the County’s intent.

Over two years ago, we were served by the County and advised that if we did not relocate these bins due to safety concerns the county would empty them and move them.

Cooler heads prevailed as we met with the county representatives.

We advised of the location chosen utilizes a previously damaged property from oil and gas activity.

We placed the bins on the most stable part of the site and utilized the knowledge of local contractors with a combined 100 plus years of dirt experience.

Placement of the bins was in support of over 60 years of precedent in bin placement throughout the County including several councillors.

We offered to build a guard rail, fence or berm.

We were told it would not help.

We asked why it is acceptable along the Battle River 861 where the banks have fallen in.

Not the County’s concern.

We asked if any other residents were in violation like us.

We were told all others would be grandfathered.

Enforcement would only apply to us.

We asked if we could put up signs to identify potential hazards.

Again told no.

We asked for a stop sign at the intersection of TWP 400 and RR145 as it is a school bus stop and it would help slow down traffic and provide additional safety.

We were told no as common sense tells people to slow down and stop at intersections.

In the end, we have respected and agreed with the County to not change the bin location until after the review of MDP and LUB process.

We agreed to work with the County on a fair and reasonable resolution equal for all ratepayers.

The County’s public use of our situation has raised the need for truth and disclosure.

New rules, when implemented, may put over 100 identified resident violations in noncompliance and need of enforcement.

These may include grain bins, corrals, equipment storage, homes and bale yards but not power line anchors, wind towers, concrete barriers for electrical infrastructure or our own county shop.

Thank you to all county residents for your participation and future discretionary compliance.


Dwayne Felzien,

County of Paintearth resident, 

Galahad, Alta.

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