A good start  

Saturday, October 29, 2017 may herald the beginning of better times for Alberta.

Alberta has been the scene of a political disaster zone since May of 2015 with the election of the NDP.

That election was a protest vote that has badly backfired on the citizens of Alberta.

The people of Alberta were sick and tired of the progressive direction that the old PC Party was taking us with their deficit financing and increased taxation.

Rachel Notley and her NDP seemed like a better alternative at the time that would bring some common sense back to government.

Boy! Was that a mistake!

Little did the people of Alberta know that they were jumping out of the “frying pan into the fire.“

One thing that the election did do was to motivate conservatives in this province to reorganize and put all the real conservatives under one tent.

That was accomplished last summer with the members of the Wildrose Party and the PC Party agreeing to form a new right of centre party.  This Party will be known as the United Conservative Party (UCP).

The second step in the process was accomplished on Oct. 29, 2017 with the election of a strong leader, Jason Kenny, with a 61 per cent vote from the party members.

The next step will be the development of a party platform by the party grass roots.

This will be a fundamental change from the old PCs, they only gave lip service to grass roots party resolutions and imposed party policy from the top down.

When this process is finished, the party should be in a strong position to contest and win the next election, which will hopefully put Alberta on the road to reclaiming the “Alberta Advantage”.

If you take a real good look at what has happened in Alberta since the last election you will see that the NDP have really put the boots to the economy and way of life in this province.

The first thing they did was declare war on Alberta’s agriculture industry with the passage of Bill 6.

That made it mandatory for every farm, ranch or feedlot that had hired help to have these employees covered by the Workman’s Compensation Board even though many of these farm businesses had their employees’ protected by much better insurance than the Workers Compensation Board.

Next they came up with a climate change plan that has imposed a carbon tax on us and will close down the coal fired electricity plants.

The result will be increased electricity costs for everyone.

These and other programs are increasing the need for more bureaucrats.  More bureaucrats will result in more government and a larger deficit.

They are now revamping the school curriculum in Alberta to fit the NDP left wing ideology and so it goes on.

Alberta is experiencing a very traumatic period of time due to Notley and the NDP trying to dramatically change Alberta into something it is not.

If the NDP were to win a second election the changes that would occur would be irreversible, which I believe is the situation in Ontario.

Since her election, Notley has been trying to emulate the old Bob Rae style of socialist government or even the current liberal government in Ontario.

There isn’t much difference between Kathryn Wynne’s liberals and an NDP government. It is a government that has destroyed the provincial economy with the green energy act.

Given two terms by the NDP our economy would be in shambles and we would have an accumulated debt that would take generations to correct.

Alberta has taken a very good first step to prevent that kind of a disaster from occurring here but that change when it results in a new government of necessity will also be traumatic.

by Herman Schwenk

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