A “good” decision

Donald Trump, in my opinion,  has finally come up with a decision that makes sense.
I just can’t believe how gullible the whole world has become over this business of climate change.  There are 194 countries that have signed on to the Paris Climate Change Agreement.
We are informed that this agreement is necessary to save the world from catastrophic climate change.
Really? As I have mentioned in previous columns there is evidence from world-renowned meteorological and geological research scientists that prove carbon is not a factor in climate change.
When the environmentalists and their ilk are challenged to prove that carbon emissions are the cause of climate change, their only response is to accuse you of being a climate change denier.
They will not debate these scientists. The fact is they can’t prove that C02 is the cause of climate change for the simple reason that it is not.
While I agree with Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, it appears to me that he is doing it for the wrong reason.
During the Presidential campaign he said that climate change and the agreement was a hoax but now he is suggesting his reason is because it will cost the USA too much money.
The only way I can see to put an end to this nonsense is to somehow inform the world that real science [not the fake science quoted by environmentalists, media and Hollywood celebrities] has proven that climate change is natural not man-made.
The media use every excuse they can think of to avoid mention of any reference to the real science on climate change.
I think Trump is missing an opportunity to inform the world of the real reason that the Paris agreement is a hoax and a fraud. If he were to come out and state in plain English what is really going on, I don’t think the media could avoid reporting his reason for pulling out the agreement.
Trump has said the purpose of the Paris climate agreement is to redistribute wealth to countries like China, India and other developing nations.
When you stop and think about it, this idea of wealth redistribution is a flawed concept. What that would do is make countries in the developed world financially worse off. Many already are. If rich countries were financially unstable how would they then be able to assist the nations in the underdeveloped part of the world?
The media and the left wing environmental movement are portraying China as being a strong supporter of this climate change nonsense.
This is hypocrisy in the extreme. China is the most polluted nation in the world and the pollution is not C02, it is all that other stuff that is coming out of their power and industrial manufacturing plants. They are still building and adding new coal fired generating facilities every month with old technology.
It would appear that China has no intention of decreasing their C02 emissions in the foreseeable future, it is just talk.
What Trump is signaling is government subsidies for renewable energy projects are over. There is nothing wrong with renewable energy but it has to compete with other forms of energy.
It seems the whole world is going ballistic over the trump decision.
I think there are two issues going on. The rest of the world really does think the US should finance the majority of this foolishness and the rest of the world is now becoming concerned that people might start to see through this charade.
It just amazes me how governments, environmentalists, etc. have been so successful at making the world ignore the real science on climate change.

by Herman Schwenk

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