A celestial children’s centre opens in Alix

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MoonwalkersKatie Courser of Lacombe is all smiles while exploring Moonwalkers on Saturday, November 9 in Alix, Alberta at the newly built play centre.

In the pretty little Village of Alix just outside of Red Deer, there sits a creative, surreal play place that one could claim is ‘out of this world.’
Moonwalkers Play Centre opened on October 15, 2013 in Alix, Alberta as a new and innovative way to get kids active and support local community infrastructure.
The playland itself is a maze of vibrantly-coloured tunnels, slides and climbing instruments networked together in an expansive labyrinth. Foam padding abound ensures safety for tots at play, while an extensive cleaning and maintenance routine keeps the venue clean and germ-free.
CoraLee Brookes, Moonwalkers manager and Recreation Coordinator for the Village of Alix, notes that the relationship between Moonwalkers and the Village is one fostering community nourishment.
“We want to see our community grow, and by having a facility like this we have a lot of people come to town who would otherwise have never heard of Alix because we are such a small village,” Brookes says. “We have so many other amenities that people don’t know about, so the more people you can get in your community the more chance of your community growing.”
She notes that due to a partnership between private industry and the Village itself, 50 per cent of the proceeds acquired through the facility will go toward recreation programs within the Village.
“Funds will go toward expanding the skateboard park, building new arenas, those kinds of things,” says Brookes.
Brookes notes that the energetic, kinesthetic nature of Moonwalkers encourages children to enjoy active play; something missing in a largely technological modern society.
“We’re missing that [physical activity] nowadays in our children’s lives and our lives. We’re not interacting with our children as much as what we used to,” she says, citing the ease of handing over an iPad as entertainment when a child wishes to be entertained.
“That’s the whole idea, you do come and you play with your children, interact with your children,” she says.
Moonwalkers is already situated as a place of congregation for Village youth, as the facility hosts a youth drop-in centre three nights per week; complete with computers, wifi, games and chairs.
Brookes notes that the playland itself is adult-friendly, but there are also areas where adults can congregate while their children play.
“We have lots of youth groups coming from different areas, we have a lot of moms and tots groups and parent groups, that sort of thing,” she says, “We’re set up so that if you wanted to do a church study group, they can come here and bring their kids.” She notes that one can bring their own food, or partake in local fare.

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