A Canadian is a Canadian

The Harper Government had passed legislation that would have given the government the right to revoke the citizenship of an immigrant who had been convicted of a serious crime and have that individual deported from the country.
When Trudeau became the prime minister of Canada he promptly repealed this legislation.
In his mind, that legislation was discriminatory. His statement to this legislation was that “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian”.
He seems to think that we should welcome with open arms anyone into this country regardless of their background, and that a history of criminality or terrorism should not be a factor.
The reason that I bring this up is because I think he is a hypocrite that pretends to believe in equality when in fact his belief is that some Canadians are more equal than others.
There are at least two groups of people in this country that Trudeau believes are more entitled to equality than the rest of us.
They are the aboriginals and the Muslims.
When a jury found Gerald Stanley not guilty of murdering Colten Boushie, he, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and Indigenous Minister Jane Philpott said we have to do better.
So without being at the trial, they decided that the justice system had come up with an incorrect decision because Boushie was an aboriginal.
While a Canadian may be a Canadian in his mind, an aboriginal Canadian is more equal than other Canadians, so they should get special consideration before the law.
It seems that as far as this government is concerned there was no way that Gerald Stanley should have been found innocent of murder when he had a gun in his hand and it was an aboriginal that was killed’.
Now I am of the opinion that if the other person were anyone, except maybe a Muslim, that was found not guilty in the same circumstance, they would not have said a word.
What the government and most of the National media have not told the public is just how toxic the situation has been around the Red Pheasant First Nation near Bigger, Sk. I am told these people have been terrorizing their neighbours and ransacking the farm yards for years.
It had got to the point that people did not feel safe to go out of their house or into the field without having a gun in their possession.
If this is ture, then I am surprised that somebody didn’t get shot a long time ago.
My question is, why has the government and the legal system not dealt with this situation before now?
Again it seems that the aboriginals are more equal than the rest of us.
Those of us who are sympathetic to Mr. Stanley are accused of being racist. If the aboriginals were contributing to the Canadian labour force like the rest of us instead of waiting for a handout from the public purse, they would not be creating havoc in our society and racism would not be an issue.
The other group that seems to get special consideration from Trudeau and his government are Muslims. He seems to bend over backwards when it comes to dealing with people who are Muslim, he tried to keep secret that he entertained Joshua Boyle and his family in his office.
It is no secret that Boyle has been hobnobbing with radical Islamists for years, for example he was married to Omar Khadr’s al Quaeda sister for a time.
Trudeau has been inviting ISIS fighters back into this country and when criticized for it, his simplistic answer is that we can de-radicalize and rehabilitate them.
These people left this country to participate in all kinds of atrocities and he thinks they will go back to being normal citizens!
What planet has he been living on? He has opened the door to make them more Canadian than the rest of us.

by Herman Schwenk

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