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Dear Editor,

Re: Dismantling Alberta Health Services (AHS).“Leaked document reveals Danielle Smith’s plan to dismantle AHS”.

Please don’t let the UCP gov’t privatize our healthcare system. Why? Once we lose it, we may not get another chance of getting it back.

Just look to the U.S. The private healthcare lobby has successfully defeated every attempt to introduce universal healthcare.

It’s an industry ruled by private doctors, clinics, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and by the lawyers who defend them.

Private health care in America has a dismal record compared to our system, and it’s even costlier than our system. It’s a business to make money, and health care there is not a right, like ours, but a privilege.

If you have the money or an insurance plan, you may be fine, depending on your medical situation, but otherwise, you are at the mercy of private doctors, private clinics, private hospitals, private insurance companies and the lawyers who defend them.

Please contact your MLA and express your concerns and keep copies of your letters.

P.S.: You don’t have to place stamps on letters sent to our politicians.

George Thatcher
Olds, Alta.

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