Coronation Remembers

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School Rem. Day 2
Coronation School hosted their Remembrance Day ceremony on Thursday, November 7. The ceremony commenced with members of the Castor Air Cadets #572 and RCMP marching toward the stage. Flight Sgt. Jordan Stonehouse (off camera) read commands as Corporal Daniel Mears and AC Breanne Mears carried flags, and Corporal Jeff Smith marched onward.

Mark Stannard

Coronation held it’s annual Remembrance Day ceremony at the service at the Coronation Community Centre on Monday, November 11. Emcee Brett Alderdice can be seen looking on as new Mayor Mark Stannard places a wreath for the Town of Coronation.

Claude Zinger

Claude Zinger played a rendition of the Last Post prior to two minutes of silence at the Coronation Remembrance day service on November 11.

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