4-H starts up again

ECA Review Submitted

The Paintearth 4-H Multi Club started up again for the year with a general meeting on October 9.  Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, except in December.  There are 24 members this year.
These will be the projects running:  cooking, photography and scrapbooking, small engines and welding, light horse and young horse, creative options, foods and junior leader.  The leaders helping out are Tara VanZandbergen, Pam Dunkle, Brent and Cindy Heidecker, Wendy Dunkle, Teresa VanHienen, Tarolyn Peach and Debby Hronek.

Elections were held for a new executive.  Tiara VanZandbergen is the president, Tyla Peach vice-president, Kier Heidecker is the treasurer and Lyn Peach is the secretary.  The members roles and responsibilities were discussed, as well as the parents’ role in the club. The club will be holding its yearly lodge visit this month.  The Christmas party has been set for December 16 at Lauderdale Hall.  We will be sledding at Muhlbeier’s  farm before that.  There should be lots of snow!

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