King’s Seed Farm Ltd. a crown jewel in farming

Aerial drone photos of King's Seed Farm east of Three Hills. ECA Review/David Malaka
Written by Terri Huxley

Aerial drone photos of King’s Seed Farm east of Three Hills. ECA Review/David Malaka


Seeding is well underway in the east central region. David Webb of King’s Seed Farm Ltd., seen left in the tractor, was busy working on the home quarter near Three Hills, Alta. on Mon. May 11, 2020. His and Lori Webb’s daughters, Ashtyn, Kelsie and Jordyn were excited to see their dad in action, jumping and waving as he went by for another pass. ECA Review/T.Huxley (File photo)

With the incoming seeding season approaching, there is only one name you need to remember when it comes to finding the right quality product for you: King’s Seed Farm Ltd.

This family run operation has transformed throughout the years, starting from humble beginnings in the Ghost Pine area east of Three Hills in 1913.

The farm was homesteaded that year by Fred and Maggie King.

In the 1940s, Fred and Maggie’s son, Norman and his wife Evelyn started farming.

They met through a beef ring, a popular community get-together where the men would butcher a steer each week.

The meat from this animal would supply sustenance for all the neighbours who joined as they divided up what was collected from this weekly steer.

Norman was the delivery man of this product who would visit many farms from the neighbours who joined and ended up meeting Evelyn in the process.

They hadn’t met before as they attended different schools but as fate would have it, they met and ended up marrying.

The farm was then carried on by Norman and Evelyn.
Norman and Evelyn’s son Harold, wife Jan, along with their daughter Lori, husband David and family are now continuing operations of the seed business.

Harold chose to focus on seed varieties in 1982, making this year the 40th anniversary of seed specialty for the King’s.

“What I like best is producing new seed for customers to improve their bottom line hopefully,” said Harold. “That’s the main thing. By us producing seed for customers we are also producing for ourselves too so we are always on top of the new varieties.”

“When guys are trying to figure out what to seed this year, we are trying to figure out what they want to buy next year so it’s a lot of gambling.”
A new, half-acre shop was built last year complete with an office and coffee lounge area, indoor scale, wash bay and ample storage.

The shop space alone can accommodate a large sprayer opened fully.

They are now cropping approximately 3,300 acres of wheat, barley, flax, oats, peas and canola and specialize in Pedigreed, commercial and milling grains.

Currently, the farm is comprised of Harold and Jan, David, Lori and children as well as one full-time employee, a part-time employee and some seasonal help.

With a strong sense of community pride, the King’s are always involved when they can.

One event of the year the family likes to take part in is the Harvest for Kids’ annual fundraiser, as well as supporting the 4-H programs.
King’s Seed Farm is partnered with FP Genetics, SeCan, Canterra Seeds and Alliance Seed.

Terri Huxley
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