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In the Chinese zodiac calendar this is the year of the Water Tiger. The Chinese zodiac tigers symbolize strength, bravery and wisdom. Three things that we really need, especially this year.

According to the Chinese zodiac I am a dragon. I got curious about what that meant in this year of the Water Tiger so I checked some Chinese horoscopes out, just for fun.

In general, the results were that career-wise I could have great advancements or even a new career. 

Okay, but at my age, any career just sounds like work.

In money matters, not much would change, but I would be fine as long as I was frugal and careful with my money.

Sigh–that is the story of my life.

Then I found one that said my big dream could come true this year. Wow! Yes! Finally my dream will come true.

Wait a minute, what is my big dream? I don’t think I have a big dream at this stage of my life. Things are going pretty good for me at this time. 

I know I had lots of dreams when I was young, and some came true and some didn’t.

My career dream had been to be a big city newspaper reporter like Lois Lane. That did not happen, thank goodness. 

If it had I would (probably) not have married the man that I did and not had my beautiful daughter or my granddaughters or my great-grandsons. 

I might not have learned the life lessons that I did learn; I would probably have learned other life lessons but I think I needed to learn the ones that I did.

Another dream was to win the lottery and get rich quick. I keep forgetting that I need to buy tickets if I want a chance at that! 

I don’t know what I would do with all that money anyway, I have all I need, a warm house to live in, food in my fridge, and friends and family to share it with. Okay, it would be nice to have my car and credit card paid off.

The only dream I have right now is to lose 30 pounds (14 kg).

No, I am wrong. I do have a big dream. I have a dream that everyone will have a real choice about their own lives and their own bodies. I dream that everyone would respect the choices of others and not condemn them if those choices are different from their own choices.

I dream of families coming together with love for all, even for the ones who choose differently from the rest of the family.

I dream of peaceful, healthy and happy days.

I think a lot of people have this dream.


by Lois Perepelitz

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