3-year plan comes to an end

 At the regular meeting of the Clearview School Board on August 19, 2013, administration provided a summary of the results from the previous 3-year educational plan. 

Student achievement

The Board’s goal was for Clearview students to be at or above the provincial average on Grades 3, 6 and 9 achievement tests.  Clearview students have been trending slightly lower than the provincial average.

High school completion

Since 2007, Clearview high school completion rates have been consistently better than the provincial average.  In 2011, 80 per cent of Clearview students completed high school within three years of entering Grade 10, the provincial average was 74.1 per cent. Those completing high school after four years had an 84.4 per cent completion rate compared to the province’s 78.1 per cent. 84.8 percent of Clearview students completed high school within five years of entering grade 10 versus 79.6 per cent provincially.

Service to bus riders

Clearview’s ridership goals are to maintain an even distribution of ride times with averages not over one hour for K-9 and 75 minutes for high school, and to keep two-hour rides down to a minimum of less than three percent for K-9; and 15 per cent for high school.

In 2011-12, the average ride times increased marginally, but more concerning was the upward trending that more children (five per cent) in K-9 are riding the bus for two or more hours a day. High School students, riding two or more hours on average, met the target of 15 per cent.

Competition with other education systems

The Board’s target was to maintain at least 90 per cent of the students who live in Clearview’s geographic area.  In 2011-12, Clearview taught 90.6 per cent of the student population. With the increase in Catholic schools, home schooling and other private and charter options that percentage has been trending downward since 1997-98, the year Clearview taught 95.2 per cent of the area’s students.

Lengthy bus rides for the K-9 age group have been trending upwards since 2010-11.  Between the school years 2003-04 and 2009-10, the Board was able to keep those percentages at three per cent or, more often, at two per cent. The Board continues to work with declining transportation budgets.

School spaces to meet needs of  staff and students

Wm E. Hay’s modernization will be completed for the 2013/14 school year and is projected to be within the budgeted amount.

The renovation of the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) for a total cost of $220,000 has been well received by various community groups and the staff and students of Wm. E. Hay.  Much of the success of the project was the cooperative efforts between Clearview, the Town of Stettler and community groups. The Town and community groups contributed nearly $50,000 to assist the Division with the PAC upgrades.

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