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A vibrant village by the lake is stated to be the Alix Village’s vision for the future as part of their annual strategic planning that was reviewed on Wed. April 5.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michelle White felt it was time to bring back this piece of information as a refresher for council as well as an evaluation for staff to ensure most of these objectives laid out have been met.

Revisions are also allowed during the annual review as community values change.

The strategic plan they looked at was developed and accepted last April. CAO White mentioned that the direction council has taken has been very beneficial as goals were direct and easy to follow.

For their three to five year capital improvements plan, the village’s goal was to complete infrastructure improvements and services like the replacement of the main lift station which will be complete by the end of April and the Railroad Avenue paving project.

They also focused on communication and engagement within the village.

“I just want to let you know that usually the strategic plan is a three to five year plan and to have this much accomplished I think speaks pretty strongly to the team you guys have assembled. It’s not necessarily something that you can aspire to but to me it also says that council’s direction was very clear and concise and would allow us to act on this plan,” White shared.

A public participation policy plan will be developed soon so council and staff can further engage with residents.

CAO White will bring three different scenarios forward for council to choose on or adjust.

Traffic bylaw

Miscellaneous traffic rules started off Alix’s council meeting on Wed. April 5.

The relatively small section outlined including vandalism to vehicles, placing anything like advertisements on another vehicle without permission of the owner, and trees or shrubs that hang over sidewalks or traffic control devices such as stop signs must be cut.

In the case of unwanted plant growth, the village has two ways of handling the situation currently. One being to hand the owner a warning so it can be removed or to do the work themselves and then pass the bill to the homeowner.

An interesting point of discussion surrounded the use of a bicycle on a sidewalk as many people have actually collided with others outside of storefronts.

The village does not allow any bicycles with a wheel diameter of 50 centimetres or larger, limiting this space to small child bikes.

A subsequent rule determines further that anyone riding a sled, toboggan, ice skates, roller blades, and so on in an unsafe manner are not allowed to do so on a sidewalk as it endangers the public.

“It’s dangerous when people ride their bikes and you walk out of a store,” said Coun. Barb Gilliat. “I am for that. I had a friend who broke her arm and I had another [who] broke her hip by walking down the sidewalk and he smoked her on the bike.”

Council will continue reviewing the bylaw at a section per meeting until they can pursue a bylaw process to solidify any changes they feel necessary after discussion at the table.


In the March 28 issue of the ECA Review, it was noted in the Alix council meeting story that Coun. Ed Cole was removed from the Library board.

Coun. Cole asked that this be addressed at the April 3 meeting after there were some rumblings of concern from various community members as to the reason behind his removal.

As stated in the previous story, the Libraries Act recently determined that it does not allow alternates to sit on municipal library boards, thus Coun. Cole was removed.

No misbehaving took place while Coun. Cole was sitting on the board as the alternate.

Mayor Fehr will still be attending meetings as he has the authorization to do so under the Municipal Government Act (MGA).


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