Kindergarten sang their way to gold

The Castor Theresetta Catholic School Kindergarten class, from the left, Bailey Barnes, Philip Zimmermann, Ben Felzien, Nicholas Bennett and Abbigale Boxma were building Inukshuks while learning about the Arctic on March 14. ECA Review/Submitted

The Kindergarten to Grade 6 classes travelled to Coronation for the annual music festival on Wed. March 13.

Mrs. Kneller and her music classes always enter into a couple of categories and it was another fun year for the students.

The K-2 classes sang two songs together. One was called ‘Aikendrum’ and featured the students playing the sticks, drums and triangles.

Their other song was called ‘Do What’s Right’, a song about making good choices instead of taking the easiest path in life.

Both their songs were awarded gold and the students were delighted to have all their hard work pay off!

The 3-6 classes also performed together. They sang two songs, ‘We Are Canadian’ and ‘God Is On The Move’, the first had students playing recorders, tambourines, bucket drums and bells, while the second song was a beautifully moving piece with lots of different vocal levels. Both their songs were awarded silver.

The Grade 3/4 class also performed a song on their own called ‘March Madness’ and received gold!

It is such a nice opportunity to have a local festival that the students can experience and work towards in their music classes.

Machines Which Move

The 3/4 class is working on their building unit, ‘Machines Which Move’ in science class and they are having so much fun learning about and building many different kinds of devices that move.

The students have been using some lego kits to create all different things and also have made balloon cars and cable cars.

The kindergarten class has been learning about the Arctic! The kinder kids tried making Inukshuks to learn about measurement, they made puffy-polar bears in art, and they even weaved some moccasins!

The Grade 2 Language Arts class is participating in The Great Canadian Mail Race.

The class received a letter from a Grade 2 student in Surrey, B.C. One of the Theresetta students replied to the original letter, while the rest of the Grade 2 students got to compose and send letters to other Canadian schools.

Hopefully, they will all receive responses, and the other Canadian Grade 2 students will keep the race going!


The Junior ATB staffers were at it again on March 21.

The nine employees worked through their lunch recess to accommodate the 11 customers wishing to make their deposits.

The lucky winners of the monthly draws for March were Tavi Pickles and Rebecca Virgo.


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