Hardisty Rodeo

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Jim O’Connor gets a slight lead off barrel #1 in the Pony Chuckwagon races at Hardisty Rodeo on Fri. July 14 with Mike Motowylo off barrel #2 and Neil Salmond off barrel #3 in Heat #9. ECA Review/J.Webster


Mike Motowylo, who is leading in the overall season standings, crossed the finish line in Heat#9  with a 61.61 time; followed close behind by Neil Salmond with a 61.70 and Jim O’Connor with a time of 62.17.  ECA Review/J.Webster



Morris Burkard chariot of Rosalind, Ab. driver, Wanda Burkard leads the way on the rail followed in close pursuit by Amy Pikor and Clay Lang. Wanda’s time of 60.07 in Heat #3 at Friday night’s Hardisty Rodeo July 14, was topped by Wanda’a own team in Heat #7 with a time of 59.62. Wanda’s team overall time of 176.90 topped out the 3-day event defeating Marty Maxwell with an overall time of 177.12 on the clock.    ECA Review/J.Webster

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