Coronation’s Canada 150 Celebration & Homecoming

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Blayze and Blair Erickson played games with Dad, Dallas at the Party in the Park in Coronation on July 1. ECA Review/J.Webster








Mike Lougheed and Denise Marquart of ATCO barbeque 400 hot dogs for the crowd at the Party in the Park as Coronation Mayor Mark Stannard looks over the crowd in attendance.  ECA Review/J.Webster





Inflatables kept the young folks entertained during the Party in the Park.





Claud Zinger, Nils and Jeannette Berg kept the audience entertained at the Party in the Park from 12 noon to 5 p.m. with Jordan Stonehouse stepping in for several featured instrumentals with Diane Zinger catching a bit of shade during the hot day.




Several games in the Park included popping balloons for prizes.





Wendy Dafoe of Dafood Concession & Catering takes a last minute look at the buffet set up for the many who attended the Coronation Homecoming Sat. July 1 at the Coronation Community Centre.








Janet Zimmer on the slab and her entourage provided entertainment at the Saturday supper titled “The Black Dress”.





The rain storm passed just in time for the fireworks to proceed on Sat. July 1.

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