$10,000 lost through e-Transfer fraud

Hanna RCMP have reported that over the past couple of months there have been two occurrences where victims reported losing money through e-Transfer.

An eTransfer is banking done electronically by sending money to an email address.

In some transactions a password is required to accept the money.

However, there are transactions where the money is automatically deposited without the need for a password.

Both incidents were for legitimate purchases from legitimate sellers (in both cases the buyer and seller personally knew each other).

However, both victims mistakenly sent the money through e-Transfer to an incorrect email address.

The money was accepted and thus lost.

We are asking the public to check and double check the email they are sending money to prior to sending the money.

Confirm you have typed it in correctly.

Even if you receive an electronic invoice with instructions to pay, you should double check directly with the seller that the email is correct especially for first time purchases from a particular seller and if the amount is significant.

Both occurrences resulted in over $5,000 being lost.


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