$100 times two!

The current Alberta COVID pandemic situation is not so much “pitting people against each other”, as not recognizing what we each have to do.

The response to the pandemic has been a dog’s breakfast since before the first death was reported in China Dec. 1 2020.

The fact remains – we wore masks for months.  New known cases in Alberta went up to 2433/day May 1 2021.

Vaccinations brought that number down to 23 on July 8, 2021.

Then we just had to have a Stampede, go to the bar, go camping, go to sports events, eat out and pretty much do whatever we felt like doing.

Now we have a fourth wave, getting worse everyday.  And our Alberta children can’t even enjoy their Back To School.

I emailed the Premier, requesting my cheque for $100 X 2, for my two shots we got when they were available for our age group.  

I would also like a laminated Health Card and stickers for my two vaccinations; and room for many, many more stickers if Albertans don’t do what we need to do, for ourselves and each other.


Pat Reiter

Meeting Creek, Alta.

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