Provincial government funds leading-edge technology for Clive

March 30, 2017 -- Lisa Joy, ECA Review reporter

Clive will have cutting-edge technology to locate or trouble shoot infrastructure after the provincial government approved a $63,500 grant for a Geographic Information System Cloud (GIS) Project.
The Village of Clive partnered last fall with Eckville, Bentley and Caroline for the application. Clive is the managing partner. Municipal Affairs notified the Village of Clive on March 24 that the application was approved.
“It’s really good news we are getting that,” said Clive Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney Monday.
“By collaborating together on this project, meeting regularly, sharing data collection methods, the quality and quantity of municipal information will be improved.
As well, municipalities will benefit from sharing uses and functionality of the GIS system.”
A visual map, similar to Google’s, will be created. A vehicle, like the Google map vehicle that drives around the world collecting data, will drive around Clive.
“It will be accurate within a couple of inches,” said CAO Kenney, adding that Google maps’ data is accurate within a couple of metres.
Clive’s infrastructure data, including roads, water, sanitary, sewer and storm, will be collected in print and electronic form, as well as any field data collected using Global Positioning System (GPS).
The infrastructure data will then be converted to GIS. Land title mapping will be acquired and uploaded into the GIS system and linked with the appropriate tax roll, development and land use zoning data.
Aerial photography, 360 for street scape views, will also be collected and uploaded into the GIS system.

The information gathered is essential for development and updating of Inter-municipal Development Plans.
The collected information will improve the level of integrated municipal service delivery because it allows immediate access to visual mapping of all aspects of the municipalities.
Non-technical Clive municipal staff will be able to view the current infrastructure, municipal maps, create changes and immediately see the impact of any changes.
For instance, it will allow Clive public works department to locate a water line shut off even when it’s five feet under snow.
Having the GIS system will save Clive staff time and resources.
They won’t have to piece together bits of hard copy data (from individual maps and plans, land use zoning maps, land title maps and Google earth maps) and/or perform physical inspections to respond to queries from residents.
They also won’t have to pay for outside consultants to record changes in CAD based systems and produce new hard copy plans.



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